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New Bingo Chair Guide

If you have been appointed as the Bingo Chair for your organization, please complete this training as soon as possible. It will cover all of the essential information, and answer many of your questions. There is also a hard copy available on our Member Info page that you can print out for your convenience.

New Bingo Chair Guide

Volunteer Bingo Training

Please note this online bingo training module is currently in testing mode.

All volunteers must complete a 2 step training program before they can volunteer for a bingo assignment with their organization. Prior to taking the online training, please read the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) document.

AODA Training

Step 1

Click the link below to complete the online bingo training course.

Online Course

Step 2

After the online course has been completed, the volunteer must attend one of their organization's scheduled bingo assignments and shadow a more experienced volunteer.

At that time, a checklist must be completed, signed by both the new volunteer and the experienced person and returned to the Charity Director's office immediately following the shadowing session.

Copies of this checklist are available in the mail slot outside the Charity Director's office

NOTE: Shadowing may not take place during special events


This checklist will allow the new volunteer to have a hands on experience of how to do the required tasks after observing the other volunteer. This includes things learned in the online course such as, displaying and storing the posters in the correct location, signing in, filling in the callers form, echoing and calling back a gecko bingo, etc.