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Member Info

Our member volunteers are extremely important in bingo assignments. Each assignment must be staffed by at least two trained bona fide volunteers from the scheduled member charity.

In order to ensure compliance, failure to meet these contractual obligations may result in a reduction of funds to their charitable organization.

The following documents are available to assist charities and their volunteers.

If you need Adobe Reader to view these documents, please click here to download a free version.

Policies, Procedures & By-laws

New Bingo Chair Guide

Roles and Responsibilities

Use of Proceeds

Bona Fide Members

AODA Training

Charity Contact Information Form

Policies and Standards for Charities Revised April 2020
By-laws Individual Charitable Organization Agreement

DRAFT AGM Minutes - June 2019

Nomination Form

Permits and Reporting

Monthly Gaming Report

Permit Application

Financial Statements

2018-2019 Financial Statements